Our Services

Truly Independent Advice and Expertise

Actuarial Services to Retirement Funds

Our services include:

Statutory or interim actuarial valuations of defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid retirement funds

All other statutory "valuator" services (for example, certifying of rule amendments, providing certification under Section 14 of the Pension Funds Act and certifying the appropriateness of a fund's investment strategy)

Benefit calculations for defined benefit funds

Benefit calculators for defined benefit funds and benefit projections for defined contribution funds

Pension increase reviews

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Consulting Services to Retirement Funds

Our services include:

Advice on benefit structuring

Information and advice on legislative changes

Preparing communication to members, including retirement benefit counselling documents

Reviewing governance structures 

Risk benefit reviews and "rebroking" (on a fee for service rather than a commission basis)

Umbrella fund and unclaimed benefit fund reviews and analysis (on a fee for service rather than a commission basis)

Reviewing, drafting and certifying rules and amendments

Liquidation Services

We are able to provide the services of an approved liquidator to retirement funds embarking on a liquidation process.

This work is generally done on a negotiated fee basis, subject to a maximum of the legislated liquidation fee.

 Scales of Justice

Reporting Services for Companies

We have significant expertise in preparing valuations and disclosures for a number of different post-employment benefit obligations under International Accounting Standard 19, including:

Defined benefit retirement fund obligations

Gratuity obligations

Post-retirement medical aid obligations

Service and leave obligations